Learn & Get Involved

OGE strives to advance a climate of gender equity at Harvard. In doing so, OGE helps students, staff, and faculty to understand their roles in actively creating and safeguarding an inclusive community. If you wish to learn and get involved in campus efforts, we encourage you to contact us at oge@harvard.edu about any of our ongoing efforts and initiatives and we'd be happy to discuss opportunities for further engagement. Throughout the year, we:

  • Offer a robust set of research-based, data-driven prevention and education programming, including interactive workshops, trainings, and presentations
  • Provide technical assistance and consultation to units, departments, offices, and organization around issues including prevention, inclusivity, and organizational resilience
  • Host engagement and outreach events in partnership with other Harvard offices, units, and Schools
  • Lead primary prevention initiatives to address the need for systemic improvements and culture change across the Harvard community
  • Provide customized eLearning opportunities for students, staff, and faculty

A change in culture can only come about through shared efforts by the administration, faculty, staff, and students. We all have a role to play in ensuring each of us who calls Harvard home feels welcome and safe.

photo of larry bacow

Lawrence S. Bacow
President of Harvard University